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We offer more than insurance

EBM RentCover’s relationship with the real estate industry ignited nearly 30 years ago, with the development of one of Australia's first landlord insurance policies. Since then, we have educated property investors and property professionals about the value of aligning with a specialist landlord insurance provider and we now protect more than 150,000 rental properties across Australia. 


The year EBM RentCover developed its first landlord insurance policy


The number of properties EBM RentCover currently insures in Australia


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Why choose EBM RentCover?

We educate

Our team works to equip landlords with the tools and knowledge needed to reduce tenant-related risks, and works closely with the real estate industry to highlight the value of landlord insurance.

We are quick

Our team works to settle the majority of claims within five working days, pending necessary paperwork being submitted, and any claim up to the value of $70,000 is managed in-house.

We are efficient

When a claim is submitted, it is assigned a dedicated claims specialist who aims to work on it from start to finish. Plus, a real person (not a machine) answers calls.

We make it easy

When it comes to making a claim, we make it easy. As a client, you have access to an online portal where you can upload all documentation and simply submit, review and process a claim.

"While insurance is important, EBM RentCover adds true value with its service and support."

- Sharon Fox-Slater, Managing Director, EBM RentCover. 

Find the cover right for you

Find the cover right for you

Every property owner wants a secure investment and reliable tenants. But not everything goes to plan. And, some events can't be controlled. What can be controlled is whether you are well protected by insurance.


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