Your normal household policy is only designed to cover certain circumstances such as fire and storm damage. What it may not cover is damage caused by the tenant, yet this is a far more common event.

Malicious Damage: The extreme is where a tenant deliberately damages your property. This may occur when you have issued them with a “notice to quit” for being behind in their rent. You may be acting legally but cannot prevent a disagreeable tenant damaging your property. It also may just happen during a tenancy, the tenant may have lost their job, and take out their frustration on the property.

We’ve had many incidents where a tenant has been given a notice to quit for being in arrears, when they have left 2 weeks later they have left a property with holes in walls, curtains torn, and major stains on the carpet. These types of claims have resulted in settlements in excess of $30,000.

Without RentCoverUltra these owners would have been left with a severely damaged property and possibly no funds to return it to a relettable condition.

Accidental Damage: Sometimes things occur which weren’t done deliberately by the tenant. The policy will also cover many of these accidental damage situations.

One important aspect of this feature is that it takes the onus of proof off you to prove that the tenant did it maliciously.

e.g. Tenant held a party in the property. The party got out of hand and there are stains that cannot be removed to your brand new carpet. The following morning the tenant decides to remove the stains, finding them difficult, they use bleach. Few insurance policies will cover this, RentCoverUltra does.