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A bold new identity for EBM RentCover
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A bold new identity for EBM RentCover

05 Aug 2019 5 mins read

EBM RentCover’s rebrand echoes a daring new era for the landlord insurance specialist.

It has been a year-long journey for EBM RentCover, transitioning a brand that has been around for more than 40 years to better reflect the culture and values that rest at the heart of the business. 

What started as a mild conversation around updating marketing material has transformed into one of the EBM RentCover’s most impressive and significant projects.  

“EBM RentCover has evolved over the years, from a single-person start-up to a national operation of more than 100 employees who work hard to educate and protect more than 150,000 policyholders,” says EBM RentCover managing director Sharon Fox-Slater. 

“While our product offering has changed over the years and our footprint has enlarged, our look and feel has remained the same. And, last year it became apparent our traditional brand didn’t truly encapsulate the essence of who we are and what we do.”

This realisation sparked a journey of self-discovery for EBM RentCover, where hard questions were asked and answered: What do we want to be recognised for? How do we want to communicate with our clients? What value does (and can) EBM RentCover add to landlords?

Fast-forward and EBM RentCover has launched a new identity better capturing its desire to educate and empower property investors and property professionals with the tools needed to make informed decisions about landlord insurance.  

The new identity includes a funky new logo, updated website and refreshed marketing material – all of which are set to breathe new life and personality into the brand.

“The new look and feel better conveys our forward-thinking and innovative approach to business, and showcases our strong desire to work closely with landlords and property professionals to educate them about the importance of landlord insurance” says Sharon. 

“While we look different, we assure you our outstanding client support remains the same. When we first launched back in 1991, we knew we wanted to offer more than landlord insurance – we wanted to offer proactive service and support so our property partners and clients feel confident they are partnered with the right company. To this day, this remains at the core of our efforts and is better conveyed in our new brand and messaging.”

“While insurance companies often hold on to a generic retail identity, our evolution allows us to stand out among competitors, with a courageous brand able to showcase a new energy to clients.”

As part of the rebrand, EBM RentCover has developed an Info Centre dedicated to guiding landlords and property professionals through the maze of insurance jargon.

“Landlord insurance can be complicated and confusing which is why our team is so passionate about education,” says Sharon. “Our new Info Centre is a hub of information for those who own and manage rental properties and want to protect what is important to them – investments and incomes.”

While EBM RentCover has adopted a brand that speaks more about the work it does and the relationship it has with clients, there is still more to come for the business.

“We will continue investing in our team and key projects to help evolve the customer experience and carry our brand forward,” says Sharon.

About EBM RentCover:

EBM RentCover’s relationship with the real estate industry ignited nearly 30 years ago, with the development of one of Australia's first landlord insurance policies. 

Since then, the business has educated property investors and property professionals about the value of aligning with a specialist landlord insurance provider and now protects more than 150,000 rental properties across Australia. 

Fun facts:

  • To ensure clients receive efficiency and consideration, a real person (not a machine) answers call.
  • The EBM RentCover team aims to settle the majority of claims within five working days, as long as necessary paperwork is submitted.
  • EBM RentCover paid out more than $20 million in claims in the past 12 months.
  • The EBM RentCover Expert Care team takes around 80,000 calls during an average year.
  • Any claim up to the value of $70,000 is managed in-house, allowing EBM RentCover staff to manage the time taken to process and pay claims.
  • EBM RentCover has had more than 5,500 claims submitted to its Expert Care team in the past 12 months. 
  • EBM RentCover confirms the submission of a claim and begins working on it within 24 hours. 
  • In 2018, EBM RentCover approved 93 per cent of submitted claims.
If you need us, we are there – contact the EBM RentCover Expert Care team if you want to chat about your insurance needs. 

*While we have taken care to ensure the information above is true and correct at the time of publication, changes in circumstances and legislation after the displayed date may impact the accuracy of this article. If you need us we are there, contact 1800 661 662 if you have any questions. 

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