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The difference a day makes – claim paid in 24 hours
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The difference a day makes – claim paid in 24 hours

25 Oct 2019 3 mins read

Scott Grace from Little Real Estate has managed a number of insurance claims for his landlord clients over the years, but he was blown away by EBM RentCover’s lightning-fast claims process.

There had been no red flags that the final vacate inspection at the Marsden (Qld) property would be anything but the usual walk-through and check for cleanliness and minor damage. The tenant wasn’t behind on rent and there hadn’t been any issues during previous inspections… But on entering the home, Scott Grace (pictured below) and his colleague were confronted by the property’s condition.

“We discovered the house was in incredibly poor condition – holes smashed in walls, doors pulled off hinges and broken in half, a shower screen shattered,” says Scott.

The tenant had also left the home a mess, leaving rubbish behind and not having cleaned.

The state of the house was a shock, but not quite as shocking as EBM RentCover’s response…

Scott submitted the claim for damage on behalf of the owner and EBM RentCover had assessed the claim, made a determination, paid out the claim and repair works were under way – all within 24 hours!

“The landlord and I were very impressed with the speed of EBM RentCover’s response to the claim and the effortless claims process to submit all information through the web portal,” Scott enthused.

“I have completed claims through numerous insurance providers and EBM RentCover has blown all others out of the water by far with their ease of access and speed of claims decisions.”

The landlord’s claim topped $7K and included damage repairs (re-painting and replacing carpets, tiles, doors, blinds and the shower screen) and loss of rent.

“As we had to push back the new in-going tenants’ start date due to the extensive repairs, EBM RentCover also paid out for the loss of rent during the repair period,” Scott says.

Making the claims process as pain-free as possible is just one way EBM RentCover makes good on its commitment to work with clients to minimise emotional and financial stress associated with making an insurance claim.

We do things differently – with simplicity and certainty you are receiving the best customer service… even if you’ll enjoy that difference for just one day while we settle your claim!  

Ask an expert…

Scott Grace works in property management at Little Real Estate’s Springwood (Qld) office managing a 200-strong rent roll on behalf of a range of landlord clients.

His top tip for landlords:

“Always ensure your property is fully covered with the right insurance policy. This takes a lot of stress off your shoulders not having to worry about being left to foot the bill if the condition of the home once your tenants vacate is poor or if they default on their rent.”

“Another tip would be to be very cautious with what tenants you approve to move into the home. Just because the property may be vacant, doesn’t mean you should approve the first application that comes in. While you may get a tenant in faster, that haste might result in trouble down the road.”

Main photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

*While we have taken care to ensure the information above is true and correct at the time of publication, changes in circumstances and legislation after the displayed date may impact the accuracy of this article. If you need us we are there, contact 1800 954 374 if you have any questions. 

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