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COVID-19 update: How to touch base with EBM RentCover

COVID-19 update: How to touch base with EBM RentCover

26 Mar 2020 4 mins read

During this period of uncertainty, we want to reassure our clients: if you need us, we are here.

Like a lot of businesses, the way we are operating at the moment is not normal. We have had to make significant changes to the structure of EBM RentCover to ensure we can continue offering our support and services.

While we are doing all that we can to make sure there is no interruption to existing and new clients, there are a few things you should know when touching base with us. The main one is: we are seeing an influx of enquiries on the back of the Coronavirus outbreak so it may take us a little longer than usual to respond to you. But, rest assured, we are working hard to get back to you.

Please note, we will continually update this page so you are across how we can best support you during this time.


If you need to make a claim, it is business as usual.

We have already invested in innovative technologies to help make submitting a claim simple. Our online claims portal allows you to easily tell us what happened, provide necessary quotes and invoices, upload documentation and submit a claim.

This means you do not need to call or email us – the portal does it all. And, if we have everything we need, our team will work to process and settle your claim as soon as possible.

These are the predicted timelines for submitting a claim (a little different to our usual quick turnarounds, due to the unusual situation we all find ourselves in):

  • If you lodge a new claim, we will touch base with you within 48 hours to let you know we have received your submission and are starting to work on it.
  • If you have already submitted a claim (and have been corresponding back and forth with a Claims Consultant), there may be a slight delay in hearing from them. Please know your Claims Consultant is doing all he/she can to review it for you and will respond to your queries within three to four working days.
  • Usually we pride ourselves on settling all claims within five working days (pending the submission of appropriate paperwork). At the moment, as we face uncertain times, this is just not possible. While the majority of claims are being finalised within five working days, it may take a little longer for complex claims.

Important note: we have moved to EFT payments for all claims to try and speed up the claims process.


We are happy to take on new clients during this time. Landlord insurance is vital for those who want a safety net in case something goes wrong during a tenancy.

If you want to get a quote and apply for landlord insurance, you can do this online. As soon as you have submitted all of the details, you will receive an auto-response stating we have received your application.

Then (at the moment) it is taking us around 24-48 hours to turn around applications – even if it takes us a couple of days, cover is in place from the date you outline in your application. So, all your policy documents will hit your inbox within two days.

IMPORTANT INFO for agents and property professionals…

If you are a partner of EBM RentCover (Distributor or Corporate Authorised Representative) the best way to apply for cover is through RCPLive.

Through this online portal, you can select protection for your landlord and apply, review and cancel policies.

Don’t have access to RCPLive? No problem, just click here and register your interest.

Paying premiums

Haven’t paid your premium yet? Whether you are a new client, or your policy is coming up for renew, it is important you have an active and current policy. This is because, if you do not pay your premium on time and cover lapses, you will not be able to make a claim if something goes wrong.

We ultimately want to make sure our clients are covered. You can get on top of your payment and pay your premium here.

Support and guidance

While we are doing our best to answer each and every phone call, some of our clients may be redirected to a messaging service. But, please don’t worry… if you leave your name, number and a brief description of how we can help, our team will work quickly to respond.

We know you all have questions about how the Coronavirus outbreak impacts your landlord insurance and we have done our best to answer them here. Please bookmark this page as we continue to update it with important information. Also, our Facebook page is another useful resource for keeping up to date with how this issue unfolds.

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