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EBM RentCover’s biggest reads of 2019

EBM RentCover’s biggest reads of 2019

23 Dec 2019 5 mins read

At EBM RentCover, we like to shake things up. In fact, this couldn’t have been proved more true in 2019, where we took on new projects that would change the way we educate our clients.

A little less than a year ago, we embarked on an adventure: one that changed the way we looked, the way we sounded.. and importantly, the way we communicated with landlords, agents and tenants.

As a result, we developed an online Info Centre which guides our clients through the maze of insurance jargon. 

As the year is coming to a close, we are looking back at the stories we wrote that you loved. Here are the stories that gripped landlords and property managers in 2019…

The great debate: Is it fair wear and tear or damage?

Coming in at #1 was an article looking at the differences between ‘wear and tear’ and ‘damage’. It is not surprising this is a popular article as the differences in damage cause a  conundrum for many landlords, agents and tenants. Here, we break it down for you.

Landlord insurance FAQs: protection for investors

Of course this one is a top read! It answers all the common questions asked by landlords about insurance for investment properties including:

  • What’s the difference between landlord and home and contents insurance?
  • Isn’t the point of a bond to cover loss and damage?
  • What is an excess?

Want to know more? Find the story here.

Breach notices: what to do when your tenant defaults on rent

It is a situation no agent or landlord wants to deal with, but it is something many do face. If a tenant breaches their tenancy agreement, responding in a quick and appropriate manner can save you time, stress and even money. We know it can be complicated and confusing, so here we have answered common questions about how to respond to a breach when your tenant fails to pay rent on time.

What to do if a tenant passes away

Again, it is not something an agent or landlord wants to think about, but the death of a tenant is something many do face. Do you know what to do if a tenant dies? The right response could save landlords and property managers from confusion, stress and even legal problems. Find out more here.

Landlord insurance – what is covered and what isn’t?

Landlord insurance is a wise investment for owners who lease their property. It generally provides protection for the main risks landlords face, but it doesn’t cover every possible situation as the overload in risk would make insurance unaffordable. So, insurers need to strike a balance between providing cover for the most common eventualities, while keeping their level of risk at a manageable level. This article will help you determine what is and isn’t covered.

Mascot towers: The building defects ‘crisis’ impacting Aussie investors

It was a hot topic in 2019 – the building defects ‘crisis’. But how did it impact property investors? We wrote about the issue on our Info Centre and even had a chat to insurance guru Allan Manning about the impact this had on Australia’s construction industry. Find the story here.

Could you be managing a drug lab?

The harsh reality is… people looking to set up drug labs often target rentals. Within the privacy of their rented four walls, some tenants are secretly growing and manufacturing illicit drugs including cannabis, methamphetamine, ecstasy and GHB. So, what should you look out for? Find out here.

Termination notices: the dos and don’ts

So, your tenant is now a few weeks behind in rent… you have issued a breach notice asking them to catch up on payments… but they just can’t seem to get on top of what is owing. The next step – issue a termination notice. This is how you do it.

Responding to changes in domestic violence laws

Changes to family and domestic violence laws were rolled out across the country in 2019, providing greater options and support for Australians suffering at the hands of abuse. This is what landlords and property professionals need to know about the new rental laws.

Denial of access: What is it and why is it important

Access: DENIED!… What now? As a landlord or property manager, at some point you may find you are unable to access the rental property you own or manage. Whether it’s because the property has been damaged or the tenant is refusing to leave, it is important to know what to do when put in this situation. Dig deeper here.

At EBM RentCover, we want to make sure our landlord and property manager clients are educated with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about insurance for investment properties. We achieve this through our online Info Centre and by being there when you may need help – 1800 661 662.  

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