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Guiding you through an insurance claim after a natural disaster

Guiding you through an insurance claim after a natural disaster

24 Mar 2021 4 mins read

This article was originally published on 10/09/2019 and was reviewed and updated accordingly on the above date. 

It has been a trying few days for thousands of people across NSW as flood waters continue to rise. To all our clients affected by this disaster, we are on standby and ready to do everything we can to help – if you need us, we are here.

We know making decisions in the middle of something as catastrophic as a natural disaster can be difficult. And, unfortunately, investment properties are not immune from impact when Mother Nature strikes – disrupting lives, damaging homes and contents, and causing financial losses. 

Knowing how to respond in times of disaster makes the claims process easier and helps to minimise financial and emotional stress. That is where we come in! We are here to help – if your property, or one you manage, is damaged due to a natural disaster, check out the below tips designed to guide you through the insurance claim:

1. Do a safety walkthrough and take steps to prevent further loss or damage

Once your council or emergency services say it’s safe, you can return to the property and take reasonable steps to prevent further loss or damage. This could include boarding windows or laying a tarp on the roof. It is also a good idea to arrange all emergency repairs necessary to minimise loss – you don’t need to get our authority first, but do keep the original tax invoices for the claim.

2. If you need us, we are here

EBM RentCover’s Expert Care team is on standby during natural disasters and can help answer any questions you may have about your insurance. Contact 1800 661 662 as soon as possible and we can advise next steps in the claims process.

3. Grab a notebook + camera and capture the damage

To submit a successful insurance claim you need to establish and show a loss has occurred. You can do this by:

a.) Snapping photos (lots of photos) or video of the damage before the clean-up to submit to your insurer. 

b.) Making an inventory of damaged items with a detailed description, such as brand, model and serial number.

TIP: If you need to dispose of an item because it poses a health risk, such as saturated carpet, keep samples of the damaged material. 

4. Seek quotes for repairs

Generally we require two quotes to be provided for repairs, but we understand this may be difficult during catastrophic events. So, we require just one in the first instance (if we need a second quote to quantify the claim, we’ll let you know).

5. Get a report from the repairer

A report from the repairer (also known as a causation report) helps insurers to quickly identify the cause of damage and make a quick and fully informed decision when it comes to processing a claim. The report typically outlines the cause and impact of damage and loss. For example, if the cause of damage is storm/rainwater or hail, the repairer will describe how and why the rain or hail entered the property. 

6. Don’t throw out your receipts

It is important to keep hold of receipts for any work you do or materials you purchase as you may be able to claim those expenses. NOTE: our insurance policies do not cover repair work undertaken by tenants.

7. Got everything you need? Submit a claim…

Our claims specialists are equipped and ready to hear from you. Download a claim form from our website or use our online claims portal to submit the claim with supporting documents. 

At EBM RentCover we offer more than landlord insurance – we offer support and guidance in times of need. Our reliable insurance solutions and proactive customer service help landlords, property managers and tenants feel confident. While we hope you never run into trouble, we’re here to help if you do.

Need to make a claim? Call our claims team on 1800 661 662. Or, in the second instance, visit our online claims portal

*While we have taken care to ensure the information above is true and correct at the time of publication, changes in circumstances and legislation after the displayed date may impact the accuracy of this article. If you need us we are there, contact 1800 661 662 if you have any questions. 

Photo by Matt Chesin on Unsplash


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