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Making insurance human

30 May 2022 5 mins read

With new technological inventions and innovations, the world has created alternate means of communication. However, at EBM RentCover, we believe that some of the more traditional ways of communicating are the best! That is why we are doing things a little differently and ensuring we don’t become so technologically advanced that we forget what it means to be human…

It is safe to say that our culture has evolved into a bustling society of technology. Some tasks that used to take hours, now take seconds, and can usually be achieved at the click of a button.

However, at EBM RentCover, we are a business that believes true success cannot be achieved without balance – the balance between technology and people.

Why do we have this belief? Well, a client-first approach has been at the core of EBM RentCover since it was first launched in 1991. While insurance is important, we add true value with our service and support – which is provided by our people.

Of course, a machine may be able to perform a given task, however what it sometimes lacks is a uniquely human ability to listen, empathise and provide the appropriate outcome for a client. Every landlord is different, and every claim is different, so we work to ensure they all receive the right response – one that best supports the individual.

Having worked in the industry for longer than 30 years, EBM RentCover knows that in some instances, even when tech can do an adequate job, most individuals still search for compassion and empathy which can only be found in a person.

We are ultimately a business built on relationships… with people at its heart. So, when you call us, a real person (not a machine or robot) answers all calls.

A property is likely to be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. So, when protecting it with insurance, it is important to know it is in the right hands. Meet some of the EBM RentCover humans below who are ready and willing to help with your insurance …

Anthea Wolland, EBM RentCover Technical Trainer (VIC)

“What differentiates EBM RentCover in the marketplace is its personal service offered to clients when a claim is submitted. Having worked in the claims team at EBM RentCover for close to a decade, I know the difficulty and stresses that come with making a claim. No one ever wants to be in the position where they must lodge a claim, so making it a simple and hassle-free experience has always been a goal of mine, and a goal of EBM RentCover. Our clients and agents rely on us to be there for them in times of need, so the EBM RentCover team always ensures a fast response. In fact, all claims aim to be settled within five business days of receiving all necessary paperwork.”

Nitin Ghosh, EBM RentCover Technical Solutions Manager (VIC)

“At EBM RentCover, we put ourselves in the client’s shoes. We work alongside them like we are in it together – our clients are our partners. We don’t just offer a policy and leave it at that; we work to offer appropriate cover, educate clients on how to reduce risk and we are ultimately there to pay claims. This mindset is unique. Of course, there may be instances where a claim settlement is not what the client expects. However, we talk this through with the client, so they understand why a certain outcome was reached, and we help to prevent them and others from this same fate in future.”

Christine Karam, EBM RentCover Executive Relationship Manager (NSW)

“I have worked for EBM RentCover for about 20 years, and it is the company’s ambition to do right by its people – both team members and clients – that has attracted me to stick around. One of the company’s core values is ‘Be Human’ – EBM RentCover literally brings out the fundamental goodness of all human beings. This is great for me in my role as I personally like to always meet my clients face to face so I can get to know them and build a friendly rapport so they feel comfortable and confident knowing they can rely and depend on me to guide them in the right direction.”

Phong Thai, EBM RentCover Claims Specialist (VIC)

“The truth is – you just never know what will happen at your rental property. A natural disaster could leave it uninhabitable, or a job loss may prevent your tenant from paying rent. When this happens, I think it is comforting to know that you can call EBM RentCover and talk to someone about how you can recoup financial losses and restore a rental property to its glory. Insurance can be complicated, however the team at EBM RentCover can untangle all the insurance jargon and make it easier to understand. Having worked at EBM RentCover for more than seven years, I think this is what differentiates us in the marketplace – the fact there are real people on the ground, ready and willing to help when the unexpected happens.”

Karlee Halliday, EBM RentCover Director of Operational Excellence (VIC)

“EBM RentCover’s goal is to use technology to enhance and support its services, not replace them. We focus on the needs of the client and work out our systems around that. For us, this means having real people on the ground who are equipped with the answers to common (and uncommon) questions asked by our clients. When something goes wrong – say a tenant abandons a property or a house fire occurs – we have identified that clients need and want someone to talk to. Clients want to be guided through the claims process and they want to know next steps in recouping lost funds. That’s why when a client calls EBM RentCover, they are immediately directed to someone who can help. There is no ‘press one for this department or press two for another’. Our team is structured so all questions can be answered upon first contact.”

Katrina Tsitsis, EBM RentCover Administration Manager (VIC)

“For 16 years I have worked at EBM RentCover and what is important to me in a business is trust – trust that the company will be there in times of need (for both team members and clients). EBM RentCover is up front about its products and services, its values and whether the team can deliver what you expect. Even during challenging times, like during the COVID-19 pandemic, EBM RentCover does not waver on its compassion or being honest to the core – two human traits that are engrained in all who work at EBM RentCover.”

Hang Pham, EBM RentCover Senior Claims Specialist (VIC)

“Clients need to make sure they are accurately covered because if they are not, an investment property can turn into a financial nightmare. At EBM RentCover, you can simply call us if you need clarification about cover, or if there is something you are not sure about in a policy. A good insurer educates you about their products and answers any questions you have about cover.”

Nick Maddox, EBM RentCover State Relationship Manager (WA)

“Having the experience of working for other insurers prior to EBM RentCover, I can say with confidence that EBM RentCover value the importance of relationships. Insurance can be overwhelming, and our clients are not experts in this field. I like to be personable with our clients so that their experience is different to the “difficult” stigma sometimes attached with insurance.  Approaching them and interacting with them builds the foundation of a strong relationship where they feel confident in our policies, services and feel comfortable to reach out when the need arises. I absolutely love that I am fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with our clients whether it be face-to-face, online or at an event or conference. I meet and engage with many different personalities, assist with problem solving and I get to educate our clients on policy, process and legislation – it is a great gig!”

Kaila Webb, EBM RentCover Manager for Operational Excellence (WA)

“What I believe differentiates EBM RentCover is our desire to not just sell insurance, but to educate the market about insurance – why it’s important, what risks landlords need to be covered for, how to reduce risk even before a claim arises, and how to get the best and quickest outcome if a claim is submitted. This education requires humans. It can’t be actioned by chatbots and machines. That is what makes EBM RentCover so unique – the fact we have people on the ground that are ready and willing to educate clients on insurance solutions for what is likely their biggest asset.”

At the end of the day, EBM RentCover is a business built upon relationships… with people at its heart (as demonstrated by some of our team above). So, if you have a question about cover, claims or premiums, get in touch! Our team will happily greet you on the other end of the line, and is ready and willing to help. 

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