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Quick and easy claims process lays the way to a quick re-let
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Quick and easy claims process lays the way to a quick re-let

18 Dec 2019 3 mins read

Little Real Estate’s Nolean Strydom may not need to claim on her clients’ landlord insurance every day, but when she does she’s glad EBM RentCover makes it easy.

Most tenants will do all they can to get their bond back at the end of their tenancy – from scrubbing floors and pruning gardens, through to filling in nail holes and painting walls. Others, it seems, can’t be bothered to maintain their rental property, pay all their rent, or even return their keys before leaving without as much as a ‘see ya’.

Sadly, this was the experience of Nolean Strydom (pictured right), a Property Manager from Little Real Estate’s Spring Hills office, in Brisbane. After less than a year, the tenant in an apartment in Morningside left the property in a bad state. Luckily, Nolean’s problems were over when she submitted a claim with EBM RentCover on behalf of the property owner.

While the tenant’s bond paid to change the locks (as they never returned the keys), cleaning and some necessary repairs, Nolean’s inspection revealed serious damage to the near-new carpets. The bond was insufficient to cover even a percentage of the cost.

Luckily the owner had landlord insurance and Nolean was quick to get the claim under way. EBM RentCover assessed and paid the claim within a couple of days.

As the carpets were less than a year old, EBM RentCover paid the $2,100 replacement cost as well as $1,000 in lost rental income as the tenant did not leave the apartment by the vacate date and also didn’t pay his rent.

Although Nolean had new tenants lined up, she didn’t get possession of the property until the day before they moved in, and couldn’t arrange for the new floor coverings to be installed prior to their arrival. But thankfully, with EBM RentCover paying out the claim swiftly, it’s just a case of setting up a time for the new carpets to be laid.

Nolean says: “EBM is honestly the best. So easy to deal with, prompt replies and prompt claim processing and EBM always pays promptly. I don’t know how EBM could have been any better. Thank you EBM! 10/10!!!”

At EBM RentCover we work with clients to minimise the emotional and financial stress associated with making an insurance claim. We also make claiming a breeze – as Nolean will happily attest. In fact, because our claims process is “very easy” and our team is “very helpful” Nolean is switching to using our online claims portal. And while we hope Nolean and her landlord clients never run into trouble again, we’ll be there if they do.

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