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The secret to a speedy claims process
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The secret to a speedy claims process

08 Mar 2022 3 mins read

Shirley Morgan from Rental Property Network SA knows the value in keeping meticulous records about homes on her rent roll in case things go pear-shaped – she also knows what a difference having a meticulous landlord insurance provider on hand makes too. 

After more than 20 years in property management, Shirley Morgan from South Australia’s Rental Property Network knows the secret to a speedy insurance process begins long before you need to make a claim.

But she was surprised and delighted when her first claim with EBM RentCover went through without a hitch and the landlord had their damaged rental property assessed, repaired and re-let within four weeks.

“EBM RentCover was so prompt and helpful, I was very happy,” Shirley says (pictured right). “I had never made a claim with them before and they went above and beyond to resolve the matter quickly.”

“I have handled a couple of significant claims with other insurers in the past and have waited several months to get the claim finalised. That wait can put a big strain on everyone. The landlord is worried because they don’t have any cashflow and their mortgage is under pressure and the property manager is doing lots of work in the background with no fees coming in.”

“In this instance, my client had cover with EBM RentCover, and pretty much everything that was being claimed was covered.”

“I had all the information at my fingertips so EBM RentCover was able to give me the go-ahead over the phone so I could get the repairs started.”

Like all of the properties in her portfolio, Shirley kept meticulous files about the older-style home in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, documenting the results of every routine inspection and keeping precise records about late rental payments.

“Unfortunately there was some domestic violence and the wife and children moved out,” she says. “The man stayed in the house but couldn’t afford the rent on his own, so it fell behind.”

“Eventually we had no choice but to go through the process of seeking an eviction through the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. When we took possession, we discovered almost every door in the home had been damaged. The walls were heavily marked and the premises were very dirty.”

“The insurance paid to repair about $3,000 worth of damage and another $4,200 in lost rent. It was all handled so quickly, the place was freshly painted and the new tenant was selected and moved in a month later.”

“It is times like this that you appreciate how important it is to keep good paperwork. Evicting tenants is a rigorous process and it can be difficult unless you have good records.”

“Insurance claims too are so much easier when you have the right information at your fingertips and the right insurance company working with you.”

Main photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash

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