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Top tools to help manage a rental portfolio

Top tools to help manage a rental portfolio

17 Feb 2020 5 mins read

Whether you’re a self-managing landlord or professional property manager, having the right tools at your fingertips can be a great time-saver. Here’s a rundown on 10 apps and online tools to bookmark.

Even if you’re a time management superstar, most property managers and landlords are looking for better ways to juggle the demands of (sometimes) dozens of properties and hundreds of tenants. Here’s a taste of some of the many software tools and apps available to make life easier for the busy property manager or landlord.


EBM RentCover likes to stay ahead of the game and  our real estate clients have an easier way to manage their insurance. We have  a range of effective and easy-to-use online systems that are exclusively available to our clients. For PMs, the agent portal RCPLive helps manage their RentCover polices in one place with tools to:

  • Find the right cover and apply, review and cancel policies. 
  • Manage policies, keeping track of invoices, paperwork and training.
  • View claims history, submit, track and cancel claims.

Talk to us about setting up your login.

For self-managing landlords, you can tap into our online services too, including our easy-to-use quote system, payment platform and claims portal.

Box Brownie

Photos are crucial in making that all-important first impression on potential tenants. Make your photos pop with high-quality photo editing from this online service at around $2-$5 per shot. Upload your files and the retouched images will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Box Brownie also offers virtual staging, floor plan redraws, renders and virtual renovation to help bring your properties to life. The first three images are free when you sign up. Details at boxbrownie.com/au


Described as ‘Uber for tradespeople’, Bricks+Agent is a smartphone app and web-based tool that helps pair property managers with maintenance service providers. Tenants can use the app to report the need for repairs, complete with photos; property managers can use it to find a qualified person to quote and do the work or to record routine property inspections; while tradies can plan their workflow and report when each job is done. Visit bricksandagent.com and try it for free.


Propertyme.com.au is a cloud-based application that offers many features including tracking your entire portfolio from the main dashboard in real-time and setting reminders for arrears, vacancies, inspections, insurance and safety renewals, etc. You can plan your inspection itinerary using the geomap, track maintenance jobs, with triggered messages to suppliers, owners and tenants, and monitor and pay bills on behalf of your landlords.

PropertyMe includes KPIs to help you stay a step ahead of trends in your portfolio, with customisable trackers covering 50 different indicators. Monthly subscription rates are based on the number of properties.

Managed App

Managed replaces the traditional agency “trust account” with a cloud-based solution to streamline the process of collecting rent, managing bills and paying tradespeople. The software uses modern payment technologies, to instantly despatch funds to where they need to go – faster, cheaper and completely automated, according to the developers.

There is a marketplace for sourcing tradies and the main dashboard, or ‘Action Centre’, helps monitor your to-do list with tasks, bills and maintenance requests, all ordered by date.

The Managed payment platform ensures owners receive funds immediately once the rent arrives with automatic notices of arrears and payment receipts. Request a demo and pricing details at www.managedapp.com.au


FutureRent offers property investors early access to up to $60,000 of their rent, paid upfront. Currently operating in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, the company works with investors who have property managers to provide a tailored cashflow solution without borrowing money. Landlords receive a lump sum of rent upfront and allow FutureRent to recoup the prepaid rent, plus its fixed cost from a percentage of rent collected over a three, six or 12 month term. For terms and conditions, and information about fees and charges, visit www.futurerent.com.au    


Funded by the NSW Government, Instarent claims to be the first and only Australian app for self-managed property. The app connects landlords, tenants and trades and offers a host of features, to list, lease and manage an investment property. The app is regulation compliant – a great tool if there is ever a dispute – and includes three-way chat functions and 24/7 support. Check it out at www.instarent.com.au or download for free from the AppStore or Google Play.

VA Fix

Virtual Agent’s FIX is designed to streamline property maintenance at rentals. The tool allows tenants, landlords, property managers and trades to request, review and track maintenance items 24/7 and receive live updates from the field. More info at www.virtualagent.com.au/Products/VAFix


Lodge.com.au  allows landlords to find tenants, get paid, and manage paperwork all from one central place. Features include advertising for and screening tenants; creating and signing lease agreements; automatic rent collection and reminders; hiring trades; tracking income and expenses; and tax reports.

Soho App

A social network for the real estate community, including landlords, tenants, agents, and property owners. The app allows you to follow real estate trends, find properties, seek tenants, and more. Features of sohoapp.com include access to a network of buyers and renters; agent search; cloud storage for bills and payments; and online rental payments.

At EBM RentCover we offer more than landlord insurance – we offer proactive customer service and support. We want your property investment experience to be a stress-free as possible, so when we find an app or a tool we think you might find useful, we’ll share it with you.

Main photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

*While we have taken care to ensure the information above is true and correct at the time of publication, changes in circumstances and legislation after the displayed date may impact the accuracy of this article. If you need us we are there, contact 1800 961 017 if you have any questions. 

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