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What our clients say about us

24 Jul 2023 9 mins read

Having a great landlord insurance policy in place is an important investment for any landlord. But having a great insurance provider is just as important. All the bells and whistles of a policy can be quickly dismissed if the customer service provided is disappointing. If the insurance provider can’t answer your questions, is hard to reach or has a reputation for not paying claims, then it’s all for naught. We think it can be argued that customer service and relationship building is just as important as a policy’s inclusions and the premium.    

Now we don’t like to toot our own horn, so it’s humbling that when it comes to customer service and relationships no-one tells our story quite like our clients...

“We embraced the opportunity to partner with EBM RentCover because we were always looking for more ways to support our landlords,” said David James of Brown James and Associates. “By offering extra protection, we not only had a competitive advantage over other real estate companies, but we were able to better support our clients.”

Headquartered in Kalgoorlie, a Western Australian mining town, Brown James and Associates became EBM RentCover’s first agent partner way back in 1991 – just as EBM was introducing one of Australia’s first landlord policies to the market.

David says he “jumped at the chance” to partner with a specialist landlord insurance provider and add further value to the 400-plus properties under his company’s management. That added value includes having a great working relationship with landlord insurance providers – something that can prove invaluable in securing cover and also at claim time.

And not just any landlord insurer will do, according to David.

“So much changes in business, however what remains the same is the importance of relationship building,” he said. “EBM RentCover is trustworthy, delivers what it says it will and has a strong emphasis on customer service – this is everything you are looking for in a landlord insurance provider.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by EBM RentCover’s first franchise group – Century 21.

For more than two decades, we have worked alongside Century 21 franchisees to protect the properties on their rent rolls.

“With insurance being as complex and complicated as it is, EBM RentCover helps us to better understand how to protect our landlord’s biggest asset,” said Head of Property Management at Century 21 River Residential, Justine Barron.

“The team works closely with our industry to ensure policies reflect what clients and landlords want. They make things easier for us as agents to claim, add/change policies, and provide us with the tools and education we need to best support our landlords.”

Speaking of claims handling (for which we won a 2022 Mansfield Award), this is one area where the feedback from our clients is consistently good.

“Surprised and delighted” was how Shirley Morgan from Rental Property Network SA described her first claim with EBM RentCover.

“EBM was so prompt and helpful, I was very happy,” Shirley said. “I had never made a claim with them before and they went above and beyond to resolve the matter quickly.”

So quick in fact, that the landlord had their damage claim assessed, the repairs made, and the property re-let within four weeks!

“I have handled a couple of significant claims with other insurers in the past and have waited several months to get the claim finalised. That wait can put a big strain on everyone. The landlord is worried because they don’t have any cashflow, and their mortgage is under pressure, and the property manager is doing lots of work in the background with no fees coming in,” said Shirley.

“The insurance paid to repair about $3,000 worth of damage and another $4,200 in lost rent. It was all handled so quickly! The place was freshly painted, and the new tenant was selected and moved in a month later.

“Insurance claims are so much easier when you have the right information at your fingertips and the right insurance company working with you.”

Like Shirley, Nolean Strydom from Little Real Estate in Brisbane doesn’t have to make a claim on a client’s landlord insurance every day, but when she does, she’s glad EBM RentCover makes it easy.

Nolean described one claim where the tenant had left the apartment in a right mess. While the tenant’s bond paid to change the locks (the tenant didn’t return the keys), cleaning and a few minor repairs, Nolean’s inspection found the near-new carpets had been seriously damaged – and the bond wouldn’t cover a fraction of the replacement cost.

Luckily EBM RentCover did cover the cost of replacing the carpet ($2,100) and also $1,000 in lost rent – and the claim was assessed and paid within just a couple of days.

“EBM is honestly the best,” said Nolean. “So easy to deal with, prompt replies and prompt claim processing and EBM always pays promptly. I don’t know how EBM could have been any better.”

Now before you start thinking that we reserve our outstanding customer service for our property industry partners, you should hear from a landlord who had taken out a policy direct with EBM RentCover.

Louis from Bilambil Heights in NSW had a bad leasing experience made better by our swift action and friendly claims team.

In the course of six months, Louis’ tenants had trashed his investment property – leaving behind five double trailer-loads of rubbish and damage caused by the 10 people and two dogs neighbours said had been living at the property.

Louis called us to make a claim on his policy and Madeline was the friendly voice at the end of the line.

“Madeline was amazing,” said Louis. “She was super-fast and efficient and made the whole claims process so easy for us.”

With EBM RentCover on the case, Louis’ claim for loss of rent ($2,100) and tenant damage and cleaning ($11,900) was settled quickly.

Sadly, it was an experience in stark contrast to Louis’ previous dealings with insurers.

“In every other interaction I’ve had with insurers they seem to give you the run around,” Louis said. “But EBM RentCover and Madeline behaved with honour and integrity – it made a huge difference”.

Making a difference to our clients is what it’s all about for EBM RentCover. We work with clients to minimise the emotional and financial stress associated with making an insurance claim. So while we hope you never run into trouble, if you do, we will be there.

*While we have taken care to ensure the information above is true and correct at the time of publication, changes in circumstances and legislation after the displayed date may impact the accuracy of this article. If you need us we are here, contact 1800 661 662 if you have any questions. 

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