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Protection for household belongings

For as little as $192 a year, receive up to $25,000 cover for belongings kept at your rental including furniture, gaming consoles and electronics. TenantCover is designed for renters seeking an affordable policy covering common risks such as fire, theft, storm and liability. 

What's covered?

Fire damage

Storm damage


Legal liability

TenantCover Premiums

TenantCover offers protection for personal belongings housed at the property as long as all external doors have working locks. Sub-limits apply to valuables including jewellery, bicycles and collectables. Premiums are fixed by state and territory.  

$239 $222 $228 $192 $219 $192 $233 $193

Apply for cover for your belongings.

Why choose EBM RentCover?

We are quick

Our team works to settle the majority of claims within five working days, pending the submission of necessary paperwork, and any claim up to the value of $70,000 is managed in-house.

We are efficient

When a claim is submitted, it is assigned a dedicated claims specialist who aims to work on it from start to finish. Plus, a real person (not a machine) answers calls.

We make it easy

When it comes to making a claim, we make it easy. As a client, you have access to an online portal where you can upload all documentation and simply submit, review and process a claim.


“I don’t own enough stuff to make insurance worthwhile.” 

Reality: It doesn’t take much for the total value of your belongings to add up. Complete an inventory of all household belongings including electronics (laptop, gaming consoles, stereo), jewellery, clothes, bikes and linen, and you may be surprised by the value of your household items. 

Apply now to protect your belongings

TenantCover policy documents

TenantCover Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)


EBM RentCover Financial Services Guide (FSG)


TenantCover Key Fact Sheet

Making a claim is easy

Making a claim is easy

As a finalist in the 2020 Mansfield Awards (recognising excellence in claims) we know the importance of making the claims process easy. To help our clients, we invest in innovative technologies to help provide excellent support from cover to claim. Our online claims portal allows you to easily tell us what happened, provide necessary quotes and invoices, upload documentation and submit a claim. 

Make a claim

Claim documents

Make a claim for damaged or lost belongings


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