Tradie price check

You can give your tradies’ quotes a quick reality check with a new guide based on more than 700,000 quotes submitted by Australian businesses.

The Australian Services Buyers Guide 2012 has been produced by, which circulates job requests to tradies – who pay a membership fee for the opportunity to quote.

In general, prices have risen about $5-10 an hour compared with the previous year.

General Manager, RentCover, Sharon Fox-Slater warned it was important to check the credentials and insurance status of anyone offering trade services.

According to the guide:

  • Painting is a relative bargain – with quotes averaging $40 an hour, including paint, and the highest quotes at $56 an hour.
  • Roofers quote an average of $55 an hour.
  • Plumbers at an average of $70 per hour, topping sparkies at $65 and carpenters at $50.Photographers have a particularly wide range of rates, from $50 to $250 an hour – with an average of $110.
  • Pest control at an average fee of $150 an hour and maximum of $350.
  • Paving, at an average of $30 per square metre is less expensive than tiling at $35 a square metre – both excluding materials.
  • Gardeners charge more than cleaners – with average rates of $45 an hour against $31.
  • Fencing averaged at $58 a metre.
  • Quotes to install air conditioners averaged $75 an hour.
The full 28-page guide is available from for $9.95 (Kindle edition).