Work ethic earns James successful career switch

From “action” to accounts, indie films to the insurance industry, and creative pursuits to crossing Ts – James Lording has enjoyed a complete career switch.

The work ethic which saw him combine film and TV work with jobs in hospitality as an aspiring screenwriter has also served him well at EBM Insurance Brokers, where he has climbed the ladder to RentCover Operations Manager.

Today James is combining full-time work with after-hours study, recently finishing a Certificate IV in Frontline Management with the Australian Institute of Management on the way to earning his Diploma of Management.

Despite the resulting lack of spare time, James can occasionally be found on the couch following the fate of the Bombers in the AFL.

When James first decided to make the switch to a more structured career, a recruitment agent alerted him to an opening as an Assistant Account Manager at EBM.

“Insurance was probably the furthest thing from my mind, but it fitted the bill – an entry level role with room for growth. And EBM treat their staff very well,” James says.

As RentCover Operations Manager, James helps manage day-to-day operations and staff development, with a particular focus on the incoming accounts for the RentCover department.

Asked if there was enough drama in an insurance office to support a screenplay, he said he’d often thought of a documentary that accurately depicted the industry to the public.

 “It’s always depicted in a negative light. There are a lot of positive things about insurance – many people wouldn’t be able to rebuild their lives after a crisis if not for insurance.”