Landlord from hell’s rules go viral

Unhappy tenants should thank their lucky stars that they aren’t renting from a London “landlord from hell” whose extensive list of rules recently went viral.

The list of 31 rules was posted on Twitter by Laura Evelyn when she was recently looking for a share house – and subsequently led to widespread media coverage.

Want an overnight visitor? You’ll need to apply two weeks in advance. A daytime visitor? No more than twice a month – and you’ll require both verbal and written permission.

Tenants are warned they will be charged for a cleaner if they fail to clean up after themselves – but those who do clean up risk being charged extra for excessive use of cleaning products.

And the landlord is also big on time limits, declaring that showers must be limited to 15 minutes between 6-10am or 7-11pm only and cooking – “no pork ever in house or fridge” – must take no more than half an hour.

“Doors must be opened whilst cooking – if doors are not open then a charge will be added to your rent for new wallpaper as how I feel,” states rule number 8.

The list of rules has met with mixed reactions, with some readers supportive of the landlord while others decried his approach.