RentCover lends a helping hand

Heart for the Homeless

RentCover has been part of Heart for the Homeless, right from the beginning. It’s a founding sponsor.

The charity collects unwanted furniture, clothing and non-perishable food when Australians move home – and distributes it to charities that help the nation’s 105,000 homeless people.

Last year, Heart for the Homeless collected an estimated 28,600kg of usable goods, valued at about $114,000, which would have been dumped.

RentCover Business Relationship Executive, Michelle Stone, is the group’s Queensland ambassador.

“Heart for the Homeless seeks to rescue the average of 15-50kg of usable goods which would normally be thrown out each time a person moves home by linking the person moving with a local charity which picks up the goods,” she said.

Destiny Rescue sponsor child

The Melbourne-based RentCover office staff club together to sponsor abused Thai teenage girl, Srey Na, through Destiny Rescue.

Destiny rescues children who have been raped, sold to brothels, drugged or beaten and left for dead and girls at risk of being prostituted. They are trained in vocations such as sewing, t-shirt and screen printing, hairdressing and jewellery making.

RentCover receptionist Kathy Ernest has supported Destiny Rescue for six years, beginning when she and a friend donated sewing machines they had previously used to make costumes for dance schools.

 “We try to find enough business from dance schools in Australia to keep the girls in work with their sewing in Thailand,” she said.

Kathy is due to make her fourth trip to Thailand to visit Destiny Rescue later this year. She has huge admiration for the organisation, particularly for men who put themselves in personal danger by posing as customers seeking young girls in brothels.

RentCover fundraisers to support Srey Na have included a quiz night, sausage sizzle, Christmas meal and raffle. “It’s nice to know you are helping someone out,” said Executive Account Manager and quiz night organiser, Alison Cadwallader.

Srey Na is going to school, learning sewing skills and helping to care for younger girls at the Destiny Rescue Centre.


MS Angels

RentCover’s General Manager Sharon Fox-Slater is doing her bit as an MS Angel.

The MS Angels are a group of well-connected businesswomen dedicated to helping to raise awareness and money for multiple sclerosis.

“MS is an absolutely dreadful disease which mainly hits women in their early 30s, just as their family and personal lives are blooming,” Sharon said.

“MS symptoms vary from person to person and can include extreme fatigue, problems with balance, visual disturbances, difficulty walking, slurred speech and, in severe cases, partial or complete paralysis.

“I invite you to check out the MS Research Australia website to see how you can help this important cause, from wearing red lipstick as part of the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign to donating money or volunteering your time.”