Chance meeting sets Karlee on career ladder

Karlee Halliday joined the RentCover team after a chance meeting with a staff member.

“I was fresh out of uni after studying business. I sent them my resume to get advice on it – but I ended up getting invited for an interview instead,” said Karlee, who has been with EBM for two and a half years.

The Assistant Relationship Manager is based in Melbourne but helps staff dealing with property managers in New South Wales.

“Part of what I do is helping property managers understand how it’s beneficial for them if their landlords have landlord insurance – it really cuts the stress in the relationship if something goes wrong,” Karlee said.

Property managers are very cautious about landlord insurance, but are able to give “general advice” without breaking financial services regulations: “If they’re in doubt, they can call us. We are a resource for them.”

Outside work, Karlee is a keen baker of all things sweet and enjoys going to musicals.

She’s also a member of Melbourne Storm. “My grandfather lives with my parents and me. As soon as he moved in when I was a kid, AFL went out the window and it was rugby league all the way.”

Having recently become engaged, Karlee hopes to buy a new home to move into with her partner in the next few months: “It’s an exciting time.”