Landlord's tale of woe

Unauthorised extra tenants, intimidating threats, a drug lab, arrests and an electrical fire – the owners of a rental home in Busselton, WA, have experienced a remarkably bad run.

A tenant presenting as a businessman rented the house on a six-month lease last June. Unbeknown to the owners, he was joined by his sister – who had been evicted from another home in the area – and her children.

When the owners discovered the extra residents, they decided not to renew the lease. That was in December but the tenants stayed on regardless.

The owners received court permission to access the property from 7 February but, the day before the tenants were due to move, the police raided it – and found a clandestine drug laboratory.

Just over a week later, the property was struck by fire associated with a chest freezer on a porch near the back door.
RentCover General Manager, Sharon Fox-Slater, said the owners had lodged a claim on their landlord insurance policy to repair extensive damage.

“The poor owners have really witnessed Murphy’s Law
in action: whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Luckily they had insurance.”