Basketball boost for business

Luke Hazelager applies lessons learnt on the basketball court to business at EBM Insurance Brokers.

“It’s helped with managing people. Just as on a basketball team, you’ve got a lot of different personalities in any office. How you deal with one person is different to how you’d deal with another,” says the RentCover Account Manager.

Luke is no ordinary weekend warrior– he often plays two games per week in the Big V state-wide league as well as training three times a week.

He describes himself as a “small” forward, but that’s only by basketball standards– he’s six foot two.
His brother and Coburg Giants team mate, Peter, recently joined EBM.

“It’s actually quite easy working with my brother. We get along quite well. My sister also used to work at EBM, before she had a baby,” he says.

Luke’s seen a rapid rise within EBM, where he started as an office temp just over three years ago.
The people at EBM are his favourite aspect of the job – along with the variety of interesting clients: “You never know what you’re going to get on any given day.”

Luke lives with a basketball team mate and the team mate’s girlfriend, who is also an elite basketballer.

“We cook for five or six people even though there are only three of us – we need a lot of fuel. Taco night always goes down well at our house.”