Feathers fly in flats

A woman who complained about her neighbour’s noisy new feathered friend has set online forum Flat Chat a-twitter.

A fellow forum user initially outed himself as the bird’s owner, claiming he’d asked his property manager for permission to get the bird –but the PM had neglected to give him the building by-laws which likely banned noisy animals.

Then it turned out he wasn’t the owner of the bird in question – which was a cockatiel sounding like “a referee’s whistle”.

One helpful gent chimed in with his own story. His pet cockatiel had been fine until his girlfriend moved in – then the bird got noisy, aggressive and jealous. The man suggested behavioural therapy from a vet.

This led to eager questions about whether the bird or the girlfriend had been given marching orders.

Apparently, both cohabited until the bird died of natural causes, but it was not easy.

“Even though the noise stopped, there was a low-level conflict that played out for the next six months,” the gent responded.

“These were usually sabotage i.e. the chew and poo strategy (applied to books and shoes, respectively) and precise assaults on vulnerable targets such as waiting until GF was asleep on the couch, and biting her toes (very painful).

“Any attempt by the GF to retaliate was accompanied by me pointing out that she was being outsmarted by a small fluffy bird.”