Admin and adrenalin for Charlene

Charlene Theuma might come across as a mild-mannered administrator at work, but the EBM Assistant Claims Account Manager loves nothing better than the adrenalin-pumping challenge of competitive horse riding.
She’s tried cross-country riding, show jumping, dressage and even “team penning” — a sport in which a team of riders works together to separate and pen certain cattle from a herd. “I’ve had a couple of big falls but no major injuries,” says Charlene.
At work, Charlene is one of the first and the last to handle a claim, being responsible for both logging the arrival of claims by post or online and generating the payments once they are approved.
“A lot of claims, particularly online, don’t have all the relevant information attached,” she says. “Once we’ve received that information, claims should be processed within five days, and often it’s significantly less.”
Charlene has had that role at EBM — which she describes as “a big happy family” — for seven years.
Outside work and horse-riding, Charlene enjoys spending time with friends and family — sometimes acting as a model for her make-up artist twin sister!