In the courts

A New South Wales landlord has been ordered to pay his former tenant $3750 after water twice entered the rear of her home, damaging her possessions and leaving her unable to use the affected area.
However, the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal did not allow claims for photocopying associated with the case — or compensation for lost computer files, which was “technically not quantifiable”.
In another case, the same tribunal ruled the tenants should pay the landlord more than $4000.
The amount was less than the landlord had claimed after the tribunal found some items were “grossly overcharged”, such as $20 to remove a makeshift clothesline and $430 to repair a dishwasher dent.
The tribunal also dismissed claims to cover the cost of cleaning or replacing curtains because they had been in place for seven years — the limit of their life, according to Australian Tax Office depreciation tables.