Albert keeps the faith

“Utmost good faith.”  These are three words Albert Dudley keeps in mind when he’s processing a claim from a RentCover client.

“The law says that an insurance contract needs to be entered into in utmost good faith on both sides,” says the Assistant Claims Account Manager.

“A lot of people have the misconception that my job is all about denying claims. That’s not the case. The vast majority of claims are paid quickly,” he says.

“We’re dealing with people when something bad has happened and they’re often emotionally vulnerable. It’s good to be able to reassure them that their claim is being looked at and will be paid.”

With a degree in history and politics, Albert joined EBM two-and-a-half years ago partly because he was interested in concepts of fairness as they relate to contracts. “There’s an ethical side to it and I’m interested in that,” he explained.

In addition to his formal duties, Albert’s love of coffee led to his unofficial appointment as the claims team’s chief caffeine courier!

Outside work, Albert enjoys spending time with his canine and human housemates in Richmond, watching Australian movies and seeing live music.