Bad landlord "breeds" lead to screening call

An unhappy Melbourne tenant has jokingly called for landlords to undergo the same level of screening as tenants: “Being a landlord is like being a parent. No qualifications are necessary.”

Bad landlords included: the “extreme lord” constantly around the home nit-picking; the impossible-to-get-hold of “shadow lord”; and the repair-avoiding “tight lord”.

“When my built-in electric heater started sparking, I immediately called my landlord. His reaction: ‘Oh, no, you shouldn’t be using that. Didn’t anyone tell ya?’ He then reassured me by promising to ‘put a sign on it’ next time he came round,” comedian and writer David M Green complained in a piece published by The Drum.

But the tenant got his own back when his landlord attempted to DIY fuse box repairs. “He came over and literally almost electrocuted himself when he attempted to install a fuse while the main power was still on. An electrician was organised within the hour.”