EBM goes in to bat for strata insurance clients

If an insurance company declines a strata insurance claim, EBM Insurance Brokers can help clients challenge the decision.

“There have been several cases where we’ve turned the situation around, negotiating payouts on claims which were initially declined,” says Account Manager Gareth Greaves.

“EBM offers strata insurance client’s one point of contact for all claim, renewal and servicing issues so you don’t get lost in the claims department,” Gareth says.

“We also can help work with you to help formulate the best possible claim submission, ensuring all the information required is provided and that the claim is made against the relevant policy section. That helps increase the likelihood of a satisfactory and swift result.”

Gareth says that using an insurance broker also gives clients access to specialist strata underwriters who don’t deal with the public directly and typically offer a more comprehensive level of cover at a more competitive price.

EBM insures both residential and commercial strata properties and offer free Certificates of Currency at any time.