Landlords browse lease listings

A property for lease advertisement is not just a chance to attract tenants, but to impress landlords, too.

A survey earlier this year by found that seven per cent of people searching rentals online were landlords.

Of these, 67 per cent said they were researching prices while 39 per cent said they were checking the number of listings that agents had in their desired area.

Of potential tenants, 41 per cent are viewing  advertisements on a mobile device, compared to only 30 per cent last year.

The survey also provided ammunition for property managers trying to persuade owners to stop self-managing — four in five tenants prefer renting through an agent.

The survey found Australia’s typical tenant was likely to be female, aged 35-49, earn more than $50,000 a year and seeking properties renting for more than $300 a week.

Almost half of the tenants reported that they saw no advantage in renting, but did it only because they couldn’t afford to buy.