Rent Resumé – an online rental reference system

Getting an accurate rental reference for tenants can be frustrating.

Property managers report that some counterparts are hard to reach on the phone, refuse to fill in questionnaires, or give bad tenants glowing references just to get rid of them and tenancy databases are unlikely to reveal any issues because of increasingly strict limitations on what can be recorded on them.

On the other side of the ledger, good tenants find it hard to stand out from the crowd when rentals are in strong demand.

Enter the Rent Resumé. Tenants who sign up to the system which enables them to have their property condition reports uploaded for reference, at a cost of $3.95 a week.

Tenants are given a membership number which enables them to invite property managers to sign up as their “associates” and view their history in detail, while their rental application is being assessed.

There is no cost for property managers to become an associate or to download the app so they can view the history of a tenant member.

The system is the brainchild of Queenslander Darren Smith, who wanted to improve the frustrating and inefficient process of renting a home.

“Other tenancy systems only record bad rental conduct and don’t record what I feel is the most important aspect, namely good rental conduct,” he said.

He urges tenants to sign up even if they are not thinking of moving. “We believe that our service is like insurance, in that you take out insurance before the event you are insuring against.”

Rent Resumé claims 8000 members around Australia and has been operating since 2011. Darren told the RentCover Report that he planned to expand to the US.

Participating tenants also get a discount from retailers including Kmart, Coles, Woolworths and liquor and fuel outlets, helping to offset the cost of their membership.

RentCover General Manager Sharon Fox-Slater said a Rent Resumé could be particularly useful for tenants who were responsible but had difficulty renting due to pets or a low income.