Earthquake shakes Andrew into action

The Christchurch earthquake of 2011 gave EBM staffer Andrew Christensen the impetus to put his plans into action and move to Melbourne.

“I’d finished university and was working, ironically, for the New Zealand Earthquake Commission – which lost all its windows in the quake and had ceilings come down.” he says.

“I prefer big cities where there’s always something going on. I’ve been in Melbourne for two-and-a-half years now and I probably haven’t explored even half of the city,” he says.

“The events in New Zealand were just the extra push I needed to make the move.”

Andrew started in the claims department of EBM before taking on a role as Executive Assistant to RentCover General Manager Sharon Fox-Slater.

His role is to support Sharon in the overall running of the RentCover division, and this ensures that his workload is varied, whether it be strategic planning, claims management or involvement in sales and marketing.

“There might be the odd moment when things seem to quiet down but the next minute my desk is covered in paperwork,” Andrew says.

“I learn a lot from Sharon. She imparts a lot of knowledge. This role has given me a great opportunity to learn about the many different aspects of EBM’s business, and the business world in general.”

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys socialising with friends, exploring Melbourne and going to the rugby, particularly when his beloved All Blacks are playing.