Tenants take to social media to vent about PMs

When tenants feel unfairly treated, they often take to social media to vent.

In Western Australia, some tenants felt so strongly they recently created a Facebook group for complaints – without naming names.

Concerns reported include:

  • A tenant who received two termination notices when the agency incorrectly recorded rent payments – the mistake was corrected but no apology was offered.
  • A property manager who failed to turn up to an agreed inspection day and conducted the inspection on a different day without consulting the tenant.
  • A family unable to use two of three toilets in their home were denied assistance to fix the plumbing – or to clean carpets affected by toilet overflows.
  • A tenant issued with an eviction notice due to having a 25cm by 15cm fishbowl.
  • A house left unlocked by the property manager after an inspection conducted in the tenant’s absence.
  • A woman issued with an eviction from the home she shared with her partner a week after he died even though she was paying rent, as she was not on the lease – a summons was sent to her late husband.
  • A tenant whose property agency “changed their mind” about a dog – requiring them to get rid of a dog within 14 days, after the dog had been on the property for five years.

Property manager Stevo Beano posted in defence of the profession: “I think tenants need to realise that we, the property managers are the meat in the rental sandwich, we do the best job we can to balance the needs of the owner and the needs of the tenant. And both landlords and tenants need to realise there are only eight hours in a working day.”

The group, which also allows posts about horror tenants, made an exception to its “no names” policy for a tenant who wanted to praise her property manager.