Weirdest tenant maintenance requests

Landlords and property managers come across some pretty strange maintenance requests!
Here are a few of our favourites, gleaned from the Somersoft property investment forums, where the tenant:
  • destroyed a light socket by trying to put a bayonet bulb into a screw socket;
  • got a plumber to show them how to use the exhaust fan, then expected the landlord to pay the $90 bill;
  • complained that their deck got wet when it rained;
  • went through three heavy-duty toilet seats in just over a year;
  • reported that it was too dark when the light switch was in the “O” “F” “F” position;
  • complained that the water feature wasn’t working – when there was no water feature;
  • wanted something done about the ants in the yard; and
  • broke a toilet in half by jumping from a window onto the toilet after locking herself out of the house.