How to get more out of Linkedin

Linkedin is a great way for property managers to build their reputation and profile – and potentially win more business.

It is easy to set up a basic profile but a little extra effort can pay dividends.

Here are some tips for you to consider:
  • A flattering photograph of yourself in professional clothing speaks volumes.
  • You can customise your URL to be your actual name – and include a link when you post on other sites, for example blogs.
  • Include a 200-word summary detailing who you are, what you do and the suburbs you work in.
  • Join a few relevant groups and take part in their conversations, without spamming other members.
  • Give and seek recommendations. If you have done business with a professional such as an accountant and received great service, you can recommend them. Likewise, if a property investor gives you a compliment, you could suggest that they recommend you on Linkedin.
There are a number of excellent industry discussion groups on Linkedin that you might consider joining. It is a great way to share information and keep pace with the latest trends and issues in the business.