One-word real estate investment wisdom

There’s nothing like a good real estate acronym! Here are some we’ve come across recently.

Tenants want SOAP.
Stands for: Storage, Open plan, Access and Parking.

Some investors take a PIE approach.
Stands for: Population growth, Infrastructure and investment and Employment opportunity and diversity.

Get SAD to increase rent.
Stands for: Security, Air conditioning and a Dishwasher.

Property is an IDEAL investment.
Stands for: Income, Deductions, Equity, Appreciation and Leverage.

SPIN can be used as an approach in pitching ‘solutions’ to landlords
Stands for: Situation, Problem, Impact and Needs.

Do you want to be POOR or RICH?
Stands for: Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Residual Income Creates Happiness.

To be successful, be BRIEF.
Better at what you do, Real, Informed, Energetic and Focused.

Unfortunately, there was no handy acronym on landlord insurance so RentCover has created our own!
Look for the VISA MODEL when assessing landlord insurance.

Value for money, Inclusions, Service and Accidental damage. Malicious damage, Overall cover, Deliberate fire by tenants, Excess and Lease continuations.