How to ratchet up your referrals

Property managers who can add to their agency’s rent roll through referrals are – or, at least, should be – highly-valued by their principals.

Obviously, the first and most important contributor to getting referrals is to do a good job yourself and to work at an agency with a good reputation and high standards.

Here are some other tips for encouraging referrals:

  • Identify people in a position to offer referrals such as mortgage brokers, conveyancers, property investment advisors and existing clients.
  • Develop a relationship with these people, using online and face-to-face industry groups or business networking sites such as LinkedIn. Being active in the community local to your office also helps whether that’s joining a sporting team, supporting charities or volunteering on community committees and the like.
  • Join property investment forums and answer people’s questions when you’re in a position to do so – don’t spam or “sell” members, just offer useful and thoughtful information or opinions.
  • Ask for referrals. That doesn’t mean going into full sales mode or being pushy. It’s more about letting your contacts know that “if” they come across anyone who needs your services, you’d appreciate a referral. You could also add a line to that effect to your email signature.
  • Use testimonials. If someone emails you a compliment, ask them if they would mind putting the testimonial up on LinkedIn (and explain how they can do so).
  • Give referrals.  If someone asks for a referral and you don’t know who to recommend, ask around the office and work out who the best is. If a supplier gives excellent service, don’t be afraid to commend them for it.
If you are successful in getting a referral, make certain to thank the person who referred you and to update them, in general terms, about how it went.