Mia keen to invest – in property, and in her career

Despite dealing with claims for loss of rent and tenant damage on a daily basis, Assistant Account Manager Mia Kelly is still keen to become a property investor herself in future.

“A lot of young people are buying investment properties,” she says. “Of course there are risks, but I think there are more positives than negatives.”

She nominates Richmond, Victoria, as a place she’d like to invest for its lifestyle, proximity to the city and excellent transport links.

Mia joined EBM more than 18 months ago, attracted by the desire to have a career rather than a series of jobs.
“I love being busy. I love it when it’s fast-paced and the phones are ringing,” she says.

“Most of the claims I deal with are for loss of rent or tenant damage. Today, I took a call from someone whose tenant stole the split system air conditioner when they left.

“It’s interesting to hear how some people can trash someone’s precious investment property. It’s almost sad that people can do that to someone.

“You can hear how stressed people are when that happens to them, and it’s good to be able to help.”

Outside work, Mia enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her friends.