The cost of keeping cool

Tenants, like the rest of us, like their creature comforts which includes the ability to cool down quickly in summer.
The cheapest option, apart from a cold shower, is the humble fan, with prices from about $10 for portable models and about $200 for a ceiling fan which would need to be installed by an electrician. Running costs are also low.

Evaporative air conditioning systems use water as well as electricity and are most effective in dry climates. A portable unit will set you back from about $100, a permanent window-wall model is about $1000 while ducted systems range from $2000 to $10,000 or more. Installation adds to the cost.

Refrigerative air conditioners are more expensive to run than evaporative models but provide the gold standard in keeping cool. Portable models start at $500 while window models start under $500.

Split systems start from $1000 but sometimes require extensive wiring  and substantial installation costs. Splits can also be reverse cycle offering the advantage of heating during winter.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems start at about $5000.

If you or your tenants don’t have air conditioning – and aren’t planning to get it – the ABC has put together a handy list of other was to keep cool.