Landlords who look after tenants better than themselves

Landlords can be frustratingly reluctant to spend money on their investment properties– but a discussion on an investment forum reveals many are even tighter when it comes to their own homes.

One landlord reported putting up with a broken bathroom light for 18 months because he didn’t want to pay an electrician to replace it. If he needs to shave when it’s dark outside, he brings in a desk lamp.

Another reported that their dishwasher had been broken for five years but the dishwasher at their investment property had been replaced within days when it failed.
More than one reported living without proper kitchens and with dodgy hot water services.

“Our instant HWS (hot water service) would fail in really miserable weather. The only way to get it going was for hubby to use a hairdryer and dry the area around the pilot light, standing under a brolly,” one reported. And the owner of a property on tank water, supplied via a long, exposed black hose, reported that in summer, the water out of her cold tap was hotter than the hot tap – making it impossible to shower or wash woollens in the middle of the day.