Alia takes EBM mission to heart

RentCover Assistant Account Manager Alia McDonald has taken EBM’s emphasis on the importance of relationships to heart – both in her personal and professional worlds.
“It’s true – no-one is an island. Good people are important so I really try to develop and nurture my relationships at home and at work.
“I know that by doing my job well, I can help make other people’s jobs easier and their lives simpler in a fast-paced world,” says Alia, who assists property managers and EBM’s Executive Relationship Managers.
Already experienced in other insurance categories, Alia joined RentCover four years ago after a career move for her husband saw her land in Melbourne. The couple have also worked in Queensland and Western Australia.
“I love the culture here at EBM. It’s very supportive and encouraging. Everyone, no matter what their position, understands how important their job is to the company,” she says.
Alia was born in China to parents of Russian origin. The family migrated to Adelaide when she was five. (Her late father spoke 13 languages!)
Outside work, she enjoys fishing and spending time with friends – whether that’s at the theatre, movies or going for a picnic.
“I like to stop and smell the roses, and to spend time with the people who are important to me.”