RentCover has unusual claims covered
Tens of thousands of landlords around Australia are Decontaminator Mancovered by an EBM Insurance Brokers’ RentCover product – and more than 5,500 claims have been received and processed this year.
Around 45% of these claims related to damage and loss of rent, while the remaining 55% concerned loss of rent only.
And while the nature of each claim is individual, the sensitive circumstances regarding one recent claim highlights the benefits of having adequate protection in place.
In this case, an intruder entered the rental property, causing widespread damage, with the event resulting in the untimely death of the tenant.  
Items damaged or destroyed as a result of the intruder’s actions include carpets, curtains, blinds and the tenants’ possessions. 
As a result, the owner was forced to engage forensic cleaning services (as well as tradesmen) in an effort to restore the property it to its former condition.
More costly however was the extended period of rent loss the owner faced while these repairs were conducted, plus the process of having to engage new tenants.
Fortunately the property was insured with a RentCoverUltra policy ensuring the owner was covered for both the property damage and loss of rental income. 
As EBM Insurance Brokers General Manager Sharon Fox-Slater explains, despite the sensitive nature of the claim, it is a case that highlights just how costly not being adequately insured could be.
“Not only was the damage to the apartment and items covered, EBM helped the owner recover the loss of rent that he incurred due to the incident.”
“RentCover ’s broad cover offers comprehensive yet affordable protection for landlords,” she said.
“Where many policies are limited in the type of damage they will cover to a landlord’s contents, RentCover pays valid claims for both accidental and malicious damage, as well as the associated loss of rent.  Importantly, with RentCover there is also no excess on loss of rent claims whereas many policies have excesses up to the equivalent of four weeks rent.”
With the RentCover range of products, investment property owners can insure their assets against theft and accidental or malicious damage up to the value of $50,000.  In addition, in the event of an accident occurring on the property, the owners are insured for legal liability up to $30 million.
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The above advice is general advice and has not taken into account your personal circumstances. Be sure to read the appropriate Product Disclosure Statement to ensure the policy meets your individual circumstances.