Door closing on open for inspectionsSmall House

A Victorian real estate agency has been barred from holding open for inspection sessions at a Box Hill home for sale without the tenants’ permission.​
The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found open for inspections interfered with the tenants’ right to “quiet enjoyment”, and ruled the tenants’ “express consent” was required for more than one prospective buyer at a time to be shown through the home.
Legislation varies from State to State on whether open for inspections are permissible without tenant consent.
RentCover General Manager, Sharon Fox-Slater, said the decision was not a binding precedent in Victoria but warranted close consideration.
“Ideally, agents want to get the tenants’ full cooperation, not only in agreeing to open for inspections but tidying up and consenting to photography.
“Disgruntled tenants can make life difficult during a sales campaign, so it’s worth sitting down with them, addressing their concerns and offering any incentives you can to encourage their cooperation. Rent reductions, free meals or movie vouchers, or even the services of a cleaner and gardener can help ease the inconvenience,” she said.