From mail room to strategic operations manager, meet Mark Tinsley 

Employe Mark TinsleyRentCover’s Strategic Operations Manager, Mark Tinsley, got his start in the insurance industry almost 30 years ago – in the old fashioned way with a job in the mailroom of Commercial Union, as CGU was then known.
“It might seem like a mundane job but it was an excellent education in the industry, providing me with an overview of all aspects of the organisation because I saw every piece of mail from every department,” he said.
Mark rose through the ranks at CGU before becoming a consultant with Gold Seal. EBM’s RentCover division and various syndicates at Lloyd’s of London were among his clients.
He joined EBM full-time earlier this year, helping to improve service by training and mentoring people, improving processes and identifying areas where tools could be improved.
“I try to make steady little ‘hops’ of progress in people, processes and tools rather than fewer, more major changes,” he said.
“RentCover has some very talented emerging leaders. It is exciting to be part of such a fun, exciting and passionate work place,” he said.
Outside of work, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and children (aged 19,17 and 9) – and going fishing in his kayak in Port Phillip Bay.