Crime gangs and fake robberies – all in a day’s work for EBM Claims Specialist Anthea Wolland

Employee AntheaEBM Claims Specialist Anthea Wolland likes nothing better than guiding our valued clients through the insurance process – but her eye for detail also comes in handy on the rare occasion when a false claim crosses her desk. 
One of Anthea’s most memorable cases occurred when she was working in technical claims for a major insurer in New Zealand.
“The owners of the property in question had links to crime gangs and were manufacturing drugs. They reported a ‘burglary’ claiming that $150,000 worth of goods including vehicles and motorbikes were stolen. It was really interesting and a lot of work but we were ultimately able to prove that the claim was a set up.
“Insurance fraud on that sort of scale is not common, but it’s our duty to be awake to the risks so we can protect our clients and keep premiums to a minimum.
“I really enjoy investigating claims and making sure things match up correctly. It is a great feeling when you know you are working on a genuine claim and can help someone. It’s also good to catch someone out when they are being dishonest because it is our duty to protect the rest of our clients.”
Anthea decided to make the big move to Australia from Rotorua six months ago after feeling she needed a change.
Working at EBM is also giving Anthea exciting new challenges and a whole new learning experience.
“I am well-versed in New Zealand insurance but Australian insurance is a whole new ball game. It has been a big learning curve for me. Legislation and policies are all different here.
“The EBM team is great and they are there to help with any questions I might have.
“You never get a dull day in insurance. There is always something interesting happening.”
Now settled in Melbourne, Anthea is looking forward to Christmas and her first trip home to see all her family and friends.