Terrorist bomb near-miss led to new Aussie life for Anjalia Pingala

Employee AnjaliA narrow escape from a deadly terrorist bomb in New Delhi led EBM Claims Administrator Anjali Pingala to Australia to start a new life with her family.
The fatal bomb blast, one of a series which took place across New Delhi almost a decade ago, happened right in front of Anjali and could have killed her.
“I had parked my car outside the shopping area and was walking towards the shops. Then I decided not to go shopping after all and went back to my car.
“I got that feeling, you know, I don’t want to go shopping now, I’ll do it later. Seconds later the very shop I was about to walk into blew up. I just missed it.”
Anjali said it was the ongoing threat of terrorism, crime and corruption in India along with difficult working hours that led to her family’s decision to relocate to Melbourne three years ago.
“We wanted a better life for our children and my husband Chandra who works as an IT professional.  In India he was working insane hours – starting at 8pm in the evening and working through to 6 or 7 the next morning. Sometimes we would practically not even talk to each other.”
Since joining EBM in September (2014), Anjali could not be happier: “I really enjoy it. There is always something new happening and it’s interesting to see what comes in.”
A recent claim from a real estate agent for damages after the property they were responsible for was turned into a giant drug farm has stuck in Anjali’s mind.
“It was a giant marijuana lab. I had heard about claims like this but I had never seen one for myself. Printing out the photos was a shock. To see how they had really turned the house around and done things like blacking out all the windows. It was a nice house too.”
Away from the office Anjali keeps busy looking after her two young children – Arjun aged one and Anika aged four.
“I am pretty much busy with the kids and it takes all my time. We always make sure we put aside one day on the weekend to go out as a family.”