And now for something completely different

Help SignEncounters with drugs, nude tenants and exotic animals are among the anecdotes shared by property managers on social media – along with many a tale of turning up to inspect the wrong house by mistake.
The yarns emerged in response to a series of Facebook posts by real estate trainer and consultant, Darren Hunter.
Here are a few of our faves:
How to get a teen to clean their room
A PM turns up to conduct a routine inspection, and a teenager lets her in. As the PM recounts: “The house passed inspection except for the teenager’s room. I gave the teenager a small lecture about the room being a fire hazard.” The next day the PM receives a call from the teen’s Mum advising she had been inspecting the wrong unit – and thanking her because the teen had finally cleaned their room!
Say ‘om’
A male PM arrives at a routine inspection and lets himself in after the tenant fails to answer the door. He finds her meditating in the nude with her eyes closed. “(I) asked if I should do the inspection, she nodded… eyes still closed. Finished inspection in about 15 seconds, thanked her… and got another eyes closed nod and left. Needless to say, there were not many pictures of the lounge room.”
A small problem with the garage
A tenant with poor English reports problems operating his roller door – turns out he’d hit the accelerator instead of the brake and “completely destroyed” the garage. (Let’s hope the owner had quality landlord insurance!)
A tale of two birds
One PM reports being attacked by a tenant’s $2000 exotic parrot, while another found that faxing a photo of a dead pigeon found in a rental property to the tenant’s workplace was just the trick in getting him to pay off his rent arrears!
A female PM is appraising a new rental property with the owner: “Their dog got really friendly and jumped up, got his paw caught on my skirt and, whoops, next thing you know I’m standing there in my undies and my skirt is on the floor… Luckily the owner was turned the other way at the time and swears they didn’t see anything. Got the new management – thanks to the dog, I reckon.”
Don’t forget to clean your oven!
A new PM arrives to do an inspection and is shown around the house. She shows the “tenant” how to test the smoke alarms, and criticises grime on the oven and other cleaning shortcomings. As the PM is about to depart, the occupant asks why she’s there: “I said, ‘to complete the routine inspection for the owner of the property’… she said, ‘but I AM the owner… turns out I was at number 24. The number two had fallen off the letterbox!”
Hello dear!
A PM who knocks on the door and, when it’s not answered, dutifully lets herself in to do an inspection. She opens the bathroom door to find the very elderly female tenant bending over and stark naked. “I screamed, she screamed, I ran out the door and stood at the front until she came out… I explained that we managed the property. She replied, ‘Yes, I know. I bought the property from you three months ago. Then she said, ‘Don’t worry, dear, we all have the same parts.’”

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