Sequel – the case of the $933 toilet seat

handfuls of cashDelay in repairing a cracked toilet seat has seen the owner of an apartment in Kensington, Victoria, ordered to pay his tenant more than $900.

The sum represents 20 per cent of the tenant’s rent for all but two weeks of the four months that the toilet seat went unrepaired, or was replaced with a seat that was too small. VCAT described two weeks as “the period in which… it (was) reasonable to allow the landlord to attend to the repairs”.
“Trite though the issue might at first appear, I accepted the tenant’s evidence that the cracked seat, and later the wrong size seat, made the daily requirement of sitting on the toilet inconvenient, uncomfortable, potentially painful and unhygienic,” the Tribunal found.
There was no other bathroom in the one-bedroom property.
The tenant told Nine’s Today show that the toilet seat was a “weird European model” so he couldn’t fix it himself, and that the crack had been sharp enough to cut the skin.
“It wasn’t a life-or-death problem, but when you’re paying good rent, it gets to you… If they take four months to fix it, it’s just crap,” he said.