Australia’s most demanding landlords

Man Getting Kicked In FaceAgents recently shared their war stories about demanding landlords on the Residential Property Manager’s Facebook page – and there are some doozies.
  • “(They asked) to sleep over at my place for one night. Too thrifty to get a hotel room.”
  • “I had a landlord who made me attend the property and watch him scoop his fish out of a very large fishpond. He was unable to get them all out on the first three-hour visit so we had to return for a second visit…”
  • “We had a landlord who requested one of our staff meet for an inspection on Christmas Day.”
  • “I had a strata property where one of the owners wanted to know what I was going to do about the bird poop on the roof of the unit across from hers. She said it was ruining the view from her unit. I asked if she wanted me to kill every swift parrot in Tasmania.”
  • “I have an overseas owner who is very demanding. He was visiting just prior to Christmas and we had arranged to meet at the rental property. He emailed me a couple of days before to ask if our office provided a pick-up service as he expected to be staying about 30 mins away from our office and wanted me to pick him, his two children and all their luggage up and then take them to the property – a 45 min trip, all before 9 am on a Saturday.”