Why do people (really) invest in property?

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Why does someone choose to invest in property? For most investors, there’s a reason beyond the usual response of “making money” – a deeper reason “why”.
Some fascinating examples of “why” surfaced in a recent internet conversation on property investment forum Somersoft.
Here are some of the comments:
  • My why comes from my background. I was born poor, raised by a single mother who earned around $35/month. Yep it’s not a typo…"I promised my children don’t have to experience that". 
  • Seven hours sleep, eight hours work…leaves me with nine hours to spend time on things that are important if I’m really efficient. So maximum 37.5 per cent of time, on what’s supposed to be my priority – this ratio doesn’t make sense and needs to change.  
  • I like to imagine that one day I’ll make oodles and my doctor and lawyer friends will be like ‘Hey Lucy’s one clever cookie! She’s not a drop-out at all!’
  • I don't have to do it and I don't do it for the money. I do it because I like to hunt down a great deal. 
  • I'm having a ball at this real life game of Monopoly. 
  • I wanted to free up my time to do community projects.
  • I walk past a number of homeless people…I take a lot of comfort knowing that I currently have a certain level of financial security and therefore should always be able to have a roof over my head.
  • My parents divorced over money and I never want that to be more important than love itself.
  • Because having to rely on the pension scares the absolute **** out of me.