The story of Shannon and Mr Owl

Employee Shannon BakerOn Client Services Consultant Shannon Baker’s first day with EBM, her manager gave her a book featuring a cartoon character, “Mr Owl”, who recounts the story of the development of insurance from ancient times to today.
While insurance expert Professor Allan Manning’s book What’s insurance? was designed for children, it is also a useful introduction for new employees who, like Shannon, have not worked in the industry before.
Shannon also read the book to her seven-year-old daughter – introducing concepts such as reinsurance, insurance pools, premiums, brokers and excesses: “Insurance isn’t really a big concern for my daughter at her age, but she understands enough to know that she would be very sad if her toys were stolen, and that insurance would help.”
In a previous role with a telecommunications company, Shannon handled calls from customers whose internet was down.
“Understandably, people get frustrated and angry when their internet fails so it’s been a really nice change to work with EBM and not to have speak to angry people all day every day, and even to be thanked at the end of a call,” she said.
“I really like learning new things, so it’s also been great to become familiar with a new industry. I talk to a lot of different people in every part of Australia, whether it’s a landlord with one property or a landlord with 20 who’s been investing for years – and, of course, many property managers. Every call is different.”
Outside work, Shannon enjoys relaxing with her family and friends, playing video games and listening to vinyl records, which she collects: “I’ve got enough records that I have to alphabetise them, and they get their own room in our house – I love spending time with friends there, listening to my record player.”