Susan’s building on opportunities

Employee Susan LamSusan Lam is making the most of her opportunities.
Susan joined RentCover about 12 months ago as an administrator, processing renewals and performing database work.
“It was a great chance to learn about insurance on a steep learning curve,” the 23 year old said.
Susan is now PA to RentCover’s Executive General Manager, Sharon Fox-Slater and is loving the challenge.
“It’s a lovely environment to work in; everyone is so friendly and helpful,” Susan said.
After gaining her Diploma in Business Administration from Holmesglen TAFE, Susan worked in facilities management, then in the head office of a large national supermarket chain before coming to RentCover.
There isn’t a lot of spare time to indulge her love of movies and shopping with friends because she also works a second job with the supermarket on weekends.
“I don’t mind the hard work; I’m working towards a goal,” Susan said. “I want to buy a house and if that mean sticking at the second job for a while, that’s what I’ll do.”