Snap decisions can be smart

Woman Using MobileIf you’re among the 90 per cent of Australians who own a smart phone you’re probably bombarded with – and might even guilty of – snapping selfies, pics of gourmet dinners and amusing pets’ antics.
So, why are some landlords and property managers forgetting their phones when it actually matters most?
Taking a few photos of your property at the start and end of a tenancy is a quick and easy way to document evidence to support claims relating to the cleanliness and condition of a property.
The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal recently rejected claims made by a landlord that a property had not been left in a clean state, noting the exit condition report made no reference to the property being unclean and a lack of photographic evidence at the exit inspection.
Photos taken several days after the tenant left the property were dismissed as no longer timely, leaving the landlord left to cover expensive cleaning costs.
“Keeping written records, including copies of emails, letters and notes of phone calls, are still essential but there’s no denying that photos with a date stamp can give both tenants and landlords extra peace of mind when issues are in dispute,” said RentCover Executive General Manager, Sharon Fox-Slater.
“Images also help significantly when making insurance claims to help verify your position.”
And when you’re done, remember to back-up any images you take. That way, you’re covered and can delete
the pics from your phone, so you have plenty of space to snap more Instagram-worthy shots!